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Recent EAW 1.28f - 1.3 era

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (created 2/2013) Roys_seamlesswater_V2-17-2013
Seamless Water package for modders. Includes .bmp, .pcx , .ter, eaw.tm files This is not an end-user download, since to use the water requires some modification to other game files.
Created by RAF-Roy (File size 459 KB)

EAW 1.28 - 1.28e era


Created in the EAW 1.28 - 1.28e era - archaic now

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (created 3/2011) EAW-str-files-structure-explained.zip
This document explains the structure of .str files used in EAW (European Air War)
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 273KB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (3/2010) BP-tiles-tutorial.zip
Tutorial on how to make use BP tiles (Water/Land overlays) in 1.28b (or similar .exes)
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 186KB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (1/2010) EAW1.28C-b-a-Editing.zip
Incomplete work described some EAW 1.28C EAW.ini settings, features and editing for modders fro EAW versions 1.28,1.28a,1.28b and 1.28C
Also contains all readme's; 1.28, 1.28a, 1.28b, 128C. Note: Does not include test .exe's, special online, 7217 or JIM versions, MP series, nor the 1024 1.28d release
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 313KB).


Created in the EAW 1.28 - 1.28e era - archaic now

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (4/2011) TTDToTardataData-2
The program is made to migrate EAW_TTD.dat data records to a .dax file format - .dax is used by TSetAdd2 which can place that data into a Tardata record for your base.
The 1.05MB (ver.2) self-extracting exe archive comes with a Tutorial, readme and (previous made) tool TSetAdd2
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 1.05 MB).
Tool for modders. Cuts a piece of EAW16.hm and makes a new file. It is packaged in a self-extracting .exe
Created by RAF-Roy (File size 672 KB)
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (3/2010) TmodataCopy
Program for 1.28b Tmod.dat slot copy and more - readme included
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 562 KB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (3/2010) EAWXYconverter
Handy little tool converts X (Column) and Y (Line) of EAW decimal world coordinates to the EAW.tm location
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 364 KB).

Add-Ons Files

Created in the EAW 1.28 - 1.28e era - archaic now

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (2/19/2011) BeachHell Isles Final
Scenario Add-on. Features the 'virtual seamless' water tiles in action. satellite photo islands. Fly and attack the carrier train in a virtual seamless water islands world.this terrain is a .bmp terrain - started as an experiment around EAW 1.28B version .exe - Should work with other 1.28 versions. See the contents .txt in the .zip
Created by
RAF-Roy Tmod graphics by Col. Gibbon , Carrier from NGAW. (File size 7 MB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (created 2011 - zipped 10/2013) BeachHellIslesFinalAddons2011
These are files produced after the release of BeachHell Isles Final. For use in 1.28E.
(Note to use BeachHell Isles Final in EAW1.28E you also need to delete the tmod.dat file from the scenario files)
Created by
RAF-Roy (File size 304 KB)
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (4/2012) Roy-12grndBMPs
.BMP ground objects skins from 1.2 and the EAW Demo files. improvements to the city buildings, Cathedral, houses, farms, etc. Pics and Readme included. (Self-extracting .exe archive)
Created by RAF-Roy (File size 766 KB)

EAW 1.2 era Documents

Documents created in the "Classic EAW" 1.2 period - archaic now

EAW Documents
EAW Community works converted to Adobe Documents by RAF_Roy

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Andys Notes on the EAW Damage Model - version 2 (File size 15 KB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Andys + Emils Notes on CAMPxx4x.DAT editing - Rev. 23.08.2002
(File size 53 KB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Andys Notes on Ground target data in EAW.exe - V1.2 02.02.2004
(File size 17 KB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Charles Gunst EAW NOTES - v.2 Rev. 14.9.2003
(File size 165 KB).
Dom's EAW Coders Reference
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Doms EAWK3 Document - Important reference for EAW edits (This version includes an added column with Tardata.dat addresses)
Converted by RAF_Roy. (File size 467 KB).
Doms 'Notes to Campaign Makers'
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Doms Notes to Campaign Makers - from Frontlines Package V.2
(File size 15 KB).
Doms 'Terrain & Target Notes'
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Doms Notes on EAW Terrain / Target files - 20.9.2000
(File size 14 KB).
Pilot Officer Prune's 'New World'
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Pilot Officer Prune's How to Build a New world - rev. 08.07.2003 includes appendix 3. (File size 55 KB).
Pilot Officer Prune's 'Editing the Tiles in EAW'
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Pilot Officer Prune's - Editing the Tiles in EAW - version 2.0
(File size 29 KB).
Pilot Officer Prune's 'Working with Screens in EAW'
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Pilot Officer Prune's Working with Screens in EAW - v1.0
(File size 11 KB).
RAF_Roy's 'EAW Editing Overview'
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Brief summary of Mission editing files - ver. 2
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 40 KB).
RAF_Roy's 'EAW Griddata Grid Explained'
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Illustrates how @ Griddata.dat relates to the EAW World grid and the addresses used.Note: each grid area can cover a wider area of the EAW World per Dom's Notes - but the limited coverage area shown here works most easily. Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 48 KB).
RAF_Roy's 'Frontlines HowTo'
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Frontlines and EAW World X,Y editing notes - republished 2007
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 274 KB).
RAF_Roy's 'Mission Create Notes'
HTML .zip version available for download Here
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Mission editing tutorial - ver. 2 Also includes XVI32 hex editor Notes
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 651 KB).
RAF_Roy's 'Tools 2 Turtorial'
also included in the TeaTools2v2.zip
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Tutorial on using TeaTools2v2 with TarCenter to edit EAW Bases - v1
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 2 MB).

EAW 1.2 era - Tools

Tools created in the "Classic EAW" 1.2 era - archaic now

Graphic Tools
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Gui for gpmTpc2Pcx.exe, which is included. Used to 'un-picpac' EAW terrain and other graphics files ..its D-Day to those old batch files!
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 915 KB).
EAW World Browser
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Graphically HTML Browse the EAW 1.2 World Map. Unzips to a folder then doubleclick EA1.html
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 1.5 MB).

Mission Editing Tools
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD 2datscheck program
Compares EAW Targets.dat and Airfield.dat for Acodes, Tcodes and Tardata pointer. Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 369 KB).
also included in TeaTools2V2.zip)

Contains BaseGridTool program and the BaseGridTiles and Readmes.BaseGridTool codes an EAW.tm to place BaseGrid tiles at a base so you can see them in EAW world. The whole scheme is meant to be used in conjuction with my TarSetdataMaker and other Tools.
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 396 KB).
SMF - 'Single Mission Flyer' program (Ver. 1)
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Make custom "OAW Type" Missions for Online / Offline from Default EAW or most Campaigns. Readme included.
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 395 KB).
TarCenter program
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Centers your Targets and Tardata Base.Read 'Tools 2 Tartorial'.also included in TeaTools2v2 Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 366 KB).
TColLineTM program
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Shows EAW Column, Line and eaw.tm tile locations of record in your targets.dat Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 368 KB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Tools for Tardata editing. Includes: TarCenter, TarBaseSnagr, TSetAdd2, TarBlock2dax2, alt-TSDM-tiles, BaseGrid Pack and Tools2Tartorial.
Last version - updated 2 June 2007.
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 6.9 MB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD A blank EAW_TTD.dat.Useful with BaseGrid tiles to see tardata objects placement, so city buildings, etc. don't appear in EAW.
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 1 KB).
T Copy.zip
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (10 Oct 08 - download zip replaced) - The program effectively shrinks your tardata.dat if possible. Reorders the tardata records. It makes a new tardata.dat and targets.dat from the old. The originals will be untouched.
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 366 KB).

EAW 1.2 era - Add-Ons Files

Created in the "Classic EAW" 1.2 era - archaic now
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD "Gaz N' Guns" terrain
Made from the Gunship GS terrain converted by VonBeerhofen plus Gaz's from Saggin' B and Col. G.I altered the city tiles and fixed the bad gunship rivers.
Unzips to a 'T GazNGunsBeta' OAW folder.Once the files unzip, doubleclick the copy-lr-hr.bat file to create the full tile set.
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 2.5MB).

Addon for DAW which adds airbases objects (stuka's, extra guns, forts, tanks, trucks and a few ships) on Crete and the other 2 nearby islands. It also fixes 1 airbase on Crete that was out of whack, and modifies a couple airbases in the desert and adds some tank columns. Pics and readme included.Just add the 2 .dat files to DAW overwriting the old.All else DAW is the same.
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 376 KB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Triple A emplacement with light stone protection wall.
Created by RAF-Roy from files by Ghostboy - Col. Gibbon. (File size 63 KB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD My open sides and desert alteration to Vonbeerhofen's B26 Hangar.
These colors only render on ATI cards
Created by RAF-Roy. (File size 88 KB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Green Camo skinned GS Tower. Shadow glows at night.
Created by RAF-Roy from files by Col. Gibbon. (File size 64 KB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Desert Camo skinned GS Tower. Shadow glows at night.
Created by RAF-Roy from files by Col. Gibbon - Shreck. (File size 59 KB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Master Camouflaged Camo Netting (how to modify).
Created by RAF-Roy from files by Ghostboy - VB. (File size 332 KB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Forest Camouflaged Camo Netting (Flak guns).
Created by RAF-Roy from files by Ghostboy - VB. (File size 237 KB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Desert Camouflaged Camo Netting (Flak guns).
Created by RAF-Roy from files by Ghostboy - VB. (File size 237 KB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Desert Silo/Storage building.
Created by RAF-Roy from files by Col. Gibbon. (File size 65 KB).
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Large, medium and small rocks.
Created by RAF-Roy from files by Col. Gibbon. (File size 596 KB).
hangerbunkergs2.jpg hangerbunkergs3.jpg hangerbunkergs4.jpg hangerbunkergs1.jpg
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Desert and Camo skinned Hangers and Ammo Bunkers.
Created by RAF-Roy from files by Col. Gibbon - Shreck. (File size 254 KB).